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Basic Edge to Edge:

$.017/square inch. (Min $40)
Dense Edge to Edge:

$.022/square inch. (Min $40)

$.050 and up /square inch. (Min $40) (Cost estimate given prior to quilting.)
Binding: $40 Throw size, $50 Twin and Full size, $60 Queen, $70 King size for hand stitched binding (machine stitched to front of quilt and then hand stitched to back of quilt).

$3-$10 per quilt.
Legacy or Fiberco brand 100% cotton or 80/20 $8.50 per yard. 100% Polyester $6.50 per yard. Wool and bamboo available upon request.
Backing: $10 per seam. Additional Services provided for a fee: Pressing, Thread Clean-up etc.
T-Shirt Pricing: Click Here to Learn More About T-Shirt Quilt Pricing
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